This tool is working with various nodes located in the networks of different operators. The PTCL Speed test is one of these testers. Internet companies estimate you to provide the best internet speed. PTCL is the largest broadband provider in Pakistan with over 76% market share having 820,000 customers across 1000 cities and towns of Pakistan. Visit our website and click on the GO Button on our PTCL Speed Test web application and you will see your PTCL test result. Internet speed can be measured in Mbps and megabits and their performance is determined by measuring the download and the upload speeds. With this tool you can get ping rate, download, upload speed etc. With our website you can easily check your upload and downnload speed along with your ping rate , ping test and jitter. Our server will automatically detect your IP address and will assign the nearest speed test server to get the best results. Upload Speed is the speed of uploading something to the internet or www (world wide web). After the year 2000, the use of the internet has increased gradually. Ptcl Speed Test with our free ptcl speed test service. If you have slow internet speed issues and your download speed test does not match with what you are paying for, then you should contact your broadband provider to resolve the issue. Up to 15 Mbps with Unlimited Downloads & Seamless Connectivity for Rs.2,749/-* per month. Ptcl speed test average is 8 Mb/s. 264 ms Ping Latency PTCL coverage. PTCL Speed Test. With better Broadband speed, you can enjoy fast downloading and browsing speed. This text is replaced by the Flash movie. It checks your download as well as upload speed. Test your PTCL Internet connection speed with a broadband Ptcl speed test tool PTCL Speed Test Want to know how fast is your download speed? Speed test ptcl is made easy, now you can test ptcl internet speed test with just few clicks. The best way to use the test is to close all other applications that are using the internet and then press the start button. Internet download speed is measured by downloading a file or a stream from the web server and Internet upload speed is measured by uploading a file to the WWW (world wide web). EVO speed test. PTCL Speed Test tool allows PTCL Broadband Internet users (including all other networks) to check their Broadband Speed easily. Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the world with this interactive broadband speed test from Ookla Ptcl Speed tests can help you assess the real speed of your internet connection. This tool lets you test your Ptcl speed test, broadband internet speed test, whether you are using your mobile device, laptop, tablet or desktop the tool will help you find your current broadband speed in seconds. PTCL Speed Test. Test at different times in a day […] The post PTCL Speed Test appeared first on Nation Bytes. You may measure your actual broadband speed with our website by clicking Internet Speed Test. PTCL Speed Test tool allows PTCL Broadband Internet users (including all other networks) to check their Broadband Speed easily. If you are paying for 8Mb, your speed may always be much slower than that until and unless your telephone exchange is as near as your gate. What you can test with PTCL Speed Test Tool: PTCL Download Speed Test PTCL Upload Speed Test PTCL Ping rate Test PTCL DSL Speed Test PTCL Evo Speed Test PTCL Charji EVO Speed Test PTCL Wingle Speed Test This service is specially created for Pakistani customers who want to check their PTCL internet broadband speed. PTCL 4 Mbps Package for  1750 pkr and PTCL 8 Mbps Package for 2150 pkr, PTCL 15 Mbps Package for 2650 pkr and PTCL 25 Mbps Package for 3200 pkr, PTCL 50 Mbps for 5000 pkr and PTCL 100 Mbps for 7500 pkr. Test Ptcl broadband speed and uploading speed of your internet connection.. Internet age started in 1950s. All the EVO devices have limited data bundle packages, but they are super-fast as compared to other devices. PTCL Speedtest. Since year 2000, the internet usage has increased more than 5 times and according to an estimate, total 2.7 billion users have access to the internet and the average broadband user consumes 12.5GB/month. PTCL speed is considered a very important factor and it can be measured by performing a PTCL speed test. Ptcl Speed Test | Speed Test. Ptcl speed test is rate at which you can check the downloading and streaming speed of your internet. Internet speed is normally measured in Mbps or Megabits and the internet broadband performance is measured by the download and upload speeds. EVO 3G/4G internet devices of PTCL are also becoming popular in Pakistan with time. about broadband internet connection ptcl speed test tool This is estimated connection speed which may not reflect your real connection speed. Working – It  works through the telephone exchange systems.Thus, like telephone connection, any computer of any city can establish a connection with any other computer and exchange  data or messages with it.It is essential that very educated person  becomes familiar with computer.The ability to use computer is basic and necessary to a persons formal education as reading,writing and arithmetic. This is equal to downloading 4000 emails per day or downloading 110 MP3s per day. The average download speed for Xfinity should be around 63 Mbps. This all was never possible before. Computers era started with the invention of … The average download speed and average upload speed provided by PTCL broadband connection is 3.8 Mb/s and 0.8 Mb/s respectively. PTCL (Pakistan telecommunication company limited) provide internet connections and call services all over the country. Since then the internet has become famous worldwide and people started using to for spreading information and knowledge and it helped in the fields of commerce and entertainment across the whole world. To deliver the speed test report with a 99% accuracy level, this free online PTCL Speed Test Tool runs multiple connection speed tests in your physical location and uses multiple devices and browsers on the backend - to ensure the generated result is accurate to the supreme level of perfection. Their internet speed is their key factor. Check and Examine your PTCL internet connections speed using our above PTCL Speed Test Tool. We all know how frustrating slow connections can be. An internet user may face an issue while uploading a large file or a picture to Facebook or some other website. On the contrary, you must need a tool that tests your internet speed smoothly, effortlessly, and reliably; this is the time when you need our PTCL speed test tool. This is called download speed. The PTCL Speed Test detector software App is also available for download. Pakistan Internet Broadband Speed Test. PTCL broadband is the most generally accessible internet service provider in Pakistan. Computers era started with the invention of computers in early 1950s. Check your internet connection PTCL speed test, Internet Service Provider ISP, upload internet speed, and download speed with this testing tool. PTCL Speed Test. Internet companies quotes their broadband download speed as key part of their marketing campaigns. Broadband Internet user are growing day by day.Now there are many internet companies. PTCL Speed Test. With this tool you can get ping rate, download, upload speed etc. © 2020, All Rights Reserved. PTCL Speed Test's website is best for internet speed test. PTCl is one the most popular and reliable broadband internet provider in Pakistan. There are millions libraries on internet which facilitate the user. The speed may also depend on many other factors such as your wiring, or if your service is wireless than the signals tower may be at some distance from you and not receiving uninterrupted signals may cause slower broadband. The average consumption of a broadband user is approximately 12GB/month. The speed test is a tool to check the speed of the internet. On existing Telephone connection, Internet installation charges are Rs.2,499/- Size by Time – Initially it was developed for military purpose only.Then its size was very small.It consisted of only hundreds of computers.When, people became aware of the utility and advantages of internet ,then within short span of time,numerous computers and networks got themselves connected to the internet.Today internet comprises of several 1 million computers.There is hardly any country of the world  and important city of the country where internet is not available. Using this tool, you can measure the quality of your internet connection. Internet standardization of TCP/IP. For your information – Internet is a global web of more than several millions nets in which more than 50 million computers are operating and several millions people participate through the world.Contact can be made at anytime during the day or night on internet.United States rank at position 13 with an average of  138.02 mbps while Pakistan ranks at position 157.Use our Internet Speed Test and check your Broadband Internet speed, upload and Internet download speed now.Now almost everyone have internet access and every device have its own unique ip address. Internet speed is a main factor when you choose the broadband company. The internet is connection of millions computer all over the world.So, people exchange information and knowledge at international level.In this way people achieve the knowledge from other country without traveling. This is called upload speed. Use of the internet has … Internet Speed Test Tool. 4,04 Mb/s Upload Speed. The tools provide information about the download and upload speed for the best user interest to view how much your broadband connection is doing well for you. PTCL is an internet service provider which operates in Pakistan. Average results for PTCL. It is basically a large computer network which extends all across the globe.In internet ,millions of computer remain connected together through well laid communication system.For video streaming minimum speed should be 10mb. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd., commonly known as PTCL, is the national telecommunication company in Pakistan. If your results are high, it means you are using a better internet connection. ptcl speed test will allow you to find performance of your internet speed. As they have the largest database of internet users, many of them face downtime on the internet. This tool is called Speed Test tool and this is a free internet tool to check PTCL internet connection to measure how it is working. PTCL speed test is a website based application that tests your internet download and upload speed. Simply visit our homepage and click the "Start" icon. The download speed is measured by downloading a file from the webserver whereas upload speed is gauged through uploading a file to the world wide web. If you are one of them and want to check internet speed. Find out how to improve your internet speed and download free internet tools e.g. internet download accelerator, image optimizer and many more. Ptcl Internet speed test detects location by Latitude and Longitude. For example in our daily life we download apps,games,songs etc. Just click on start button and enjoy free service to differenciate between your actual upload and download speed and the speed offered by ptcl to you, For testing and checking your broadband performance. In this way internet is useful source for knowledge. The Internet came into existence in 1982 when the TCP/IP protocol was introduced and standardized. Upload speed is considered a least factor in broadband speeds that is why the upload speeds are slower. 4,08 Mb/s Download Speed. The internet speed test is recommended for PTCL customers though other telecom users can use this test to check their connection speed. Ptcl Internet speed is normally measured in MBs/Mbps. Check and Examine your PTCL internet connections speed using our above PTCL Speed Test Tool. PTCL is one of the biggest ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Pakistan.PTCL (Pakistan telecommunication company limited) provide internet connections and call services all … If you are PTCL user, then you can test your broadband speed 4g charJi, Evo cloud, 3g Evo wingle. PTCL speed test is performed by performing various speed tests using your PTCL internet connection. Now with the evolution and adoption of internet, it has become an essential part of life in day to day activities, commencing businesses as well as providing and getting entertainment. In this post, we will tell you about how you can check your PTCL speed test online in Pakistan. It is used for PTCL’s connection speed. Currently it ranks on the place 4 from 32 providers in Pakistan. Our tool will provide you Ptcl speed test with the most accurate value of the speed of your internet connection. Concept – When many computer networks of the world were connected together, with the objective of communicating with each other, internet was formed. It has almost the 76% internet market share with 730,000 Broadband … The test can be run on pc, mobile, or any other device. speed test ptcl is tool for checking speed as compare to the other internet provider. If we compare internet speeds of the most popular countries with respect to internet speed, South Korea tops the number with an average download speed of 38MBPS while United states of america has average 30 MBPS with being at leading position regarding the number of internet users and has 96.49% population using the internet.. Internet speed is considered a major factor while choosing broadband ISP or Internet service provider. The download and upload speed of your broadband may not match what exactly your ISP has in their marketing campaigns. The broadband performance is measured by the upload and the download speeds individually. You are in the right place. Zong, Jazz, Ufone, and Telenor customers and international visitors can also utilize this tool. This happens when our speed test service sends a chunks of bytes to PTCL's nearest server. Internet usage is also increasing day by day.Now there is many web server on the web. Copyright ©, All Rights Reserved. Download Speed is the speed of downloading something from the Internet or www (world wide web). What is the PTCL Speed Test? If one man's internet speed is 8Mb may be the other one is receiving 2Mb speed with the same connection. When you conduct a PTCL Speed Test, the internet speed is measured in Megabits or Mbps. What you can test with PTCL Speed Test Tool: PTCL Download Speed Test PTCL Upload Speed Test PTCL Ping rate Test PTCL DSL Speed Test PTCL Evo Speed Test PTCL Charji EVO Speed Test PTCL Wingle Speed Test This PTCL speed test online tool is a free utility that would carry out a PTCL speed test for both your download and upload speeds due to which the customers can determine that if the customers are getting the same internet speed as the one they had selected for themselves. PTCL Speed Test tool is a free internet instrument to check Ptcl download and upload speed. PTCL Speed test service checks your download and upload internet speed. It is owned by the Government of Pakistan and some other companies. PTCL speed test tool is a free online tool that analyzes your internet connection and identifies its speed. If your internet speed test shows that your speed is less than average, you should restart the router and check again. PTCL Speed test, Mobile Optimized and fast. Speed Test PTCL – Tips for DSL & WIFI Speed Check. Regardless, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the built-up chain of Pakistan’s media transmission industry by taking its mechanical … For example we upload images and videos in our social accounts like Facebook. The best Internet speed test can provide you with more accurate download and upload speed information. PTCL is one of the biggest ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Pakistan. You can also find out many other speed factors which cause faster or slower internet speeds such as the ping rate, jitter, download speed, upload speed, and your nearest ISP. This text is replaced by the Flash movie. According to a record, 2.7 million users have access to the internet. A user-friendly and easy to understand graphical report will be generated for you by our system in a time of seconds only.
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