Foliage quickly matures from green to a striking powder blue. Plant shipment depends on nursery location, the specific plant's productions timetable, local The large, white, bottlebrush flowers that appear in spring are honey scented and similar to the superb flowers formed by Mount Airy. Thrives in organically rich, slightly acidic, moist, well-drained soils. The round leaves turn an … Asexual reproduction of plants protected by the Plant Patent Act is prohibited during the life of the patent. Leaves emerge with the flowers, and are small to medium sized, slightly toothed, and rounded oval. Shallow-rooted and benefits with a layer of mulch to moderate soil temperatures and conserve moisture. The fragrant, bottlebrush flowers are petalless and sweetly-scented. Your plant(s) will ship to the garden center you chose within the next 21 days. Long after the … Leaves retain good blue color … Unlike the attractive, glossy green leaves of Mount Airy, this new variety features powdery blue leaves that are a bit more rounded. In the fall, you get what Fothergilla is famous for—sizzling foliage color ranging from yellow to orange to red. It is even bluer, much more vigorous, and considerably tougher than Blue Mist. Best bloom and color in full sun, but adapts to some shade. Feed regularly during growing season. I heard about this new variety of Fothergilla coming down the pipeline several years ago—my ears always perk up when I hear the phrase, “blue-leaved”—and in 2007, it’s here. Your plants are actively growing and we will only deliver them once they meet our rigorous quality standards Fothergilla x intermedia 'Blue Shadow' White honey-scented flowers at branch tips on a nicely mounded habit of icy blue-green foliage. Fothergilla x ‘Blue Shadow’ was discovered by Gary Handy of Boring OR, when he noticed this very blue leaved sport on another fine cultivar, Fothergilla ‘Mt Airy’. The summer foliage is an icy bluish-green. 18562. Dramatic glaucous blue leaves, like faded jeans; showy white "bottle-brush" flowers appear in spring at the ends of the bare branches, spectacular fall colors and dense, rounded habit; prefers light acidic … Only prune in late spring after it flowers. Its gorgeous dusty blue leaves … ‘Blue Shadow’ was introduced by Handy Nursery in Oregon. Water regularly to maintain evenly moist soil - weekly, or more often. Fothergilla major 'Blue Shadow' sports steely blue foliage that creates a cool contrast with bright green and gold-color plants. Genus: Fothergilla ‘Blue Shadow’ Height: 4-6 feet Spread: 4-6 feet Bloom Time: April-May BloomColor: White Flower: Fragrant, Small Hair-Like Flowers (appear in bottlebrush-like spikes) Foliage: Powder Blue to Blue … A blue-leaved form of F. ' Mount Airy,' Blue Shadow … Learn more >. In general, plants will ship after the last front date. A taller variety of Fothergilla with honey-scented, bottlebrush-shaped flowers in the spring. Crossing, badly formed or damaged branches should be removed back to a main branch. Like all Fothergilla it is adorned with honey-scented, bottlebrush flowers in early spring before it leafs out. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. About Blue Shadow Fothergilla. Fothergilla 'Blue Shadow', colorful shrubs for shade, blue foliaged plants, fall color, fall foliage, smaller fothergilla, spring-flowering shrubs. Slow growing; reaches 3 to 5 ft. tall, 4 to 5 ft. wide. The flowers are followed by blue green, heavily textured foliage. Provides unique color … Plants should be pruned after flowering if needed. Blue Shadow' is a compact, slow growing, upright, deciduous shrub that features striking, glaucous, powder blue lea It typically grows to 4-6' tall and as wide over the first 10 years. Zones 5-8 JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Weeks of stunning fall colors of red, orange and yellow. But what sets this outstanding plant apart from the rest is its colorful, silvery blue leaves. Blue … In the autumn the blue … Growing 4 to 6 feet tall and equally as wide, Blue Shadows Fothergilla is ideal for use as a specimen, in groupings or as a natural hedge in sunny to partially shaded landscape, flowering shrub and woodland borders, and in home foundation plantings. Most of the soil, all … The effusive spring froth of fothergilla flowers brightens shady green garden corners and sparkles when planted to catch the backlighting of morning or afternoon sunlight. Name: Fothergilla major 'Blue Shadow' … Vigorous, Fothergilla x intermedia 'Blue Shadow' (Fothergilla) is a compact, rounded, deciduous shrub that is prized for its profusion of fragrant, bottlebrush-like, white flowers in spring, its striking glaucous-blue summer foliage… Best in part shade but will grow in full sun with adequate moisture. It is a … Water in dry periods. © 2020 Monrovia Nursery Company. Choosing plants that grow and thrive in your particular climate is the very first step toward having a beautiful garden. It has powder blue foliage throughout the season. Provides unique … We Several cultivars are … RENEGADE GARDENER™ The lone voice of horticultural reason Fothergilla 'Blue Shadow' I heard about this new variety of Fothergilla coming down the pipeline several years ago—my ears always perk up when I hear the phrase, "blue-leaved"—and in 2007, it's here. Summer leaf color tends to the dark green, some with a blue tone. Prune annually in late winter to promote vigorous new growth. Pair this beauty with blue-leaved hostas to brighten a shady corner of your landscape. This plant grows and develops best in acidic soil. It's a strong performer that possesses all the wonderful traits of Fothergilla, including a robust supply of fragrant, bottle brush white flowers … The Fothergilla 'Blue Shadow, Fothergilla major 'Blue Shadow', displays bottlebrush-like ivory white flowers that are 1 to 2" long, honey scented, and appear in feather like filaments at the ends of the branches in April-May. All Rights Reserved. Weeks of stunning fall colors … No worries. But you'll probably end up loving 'Blue Shadow' most for its silvery blue leaves. Fothergilla 'Blue Shadow' fah-ther-GILL-ah Audio These shrubs are beautiful, compact, and easy to grow, making them obvious choices for mixed borders, foundation plantings, and naturalizing. There are very few rules in gardening, but perhaps the most important one is to work within your zone. The blue-green foliage stands out in the summer and turns rich red in fall. In Zone 4, plants will grow to around four feet high by four feet wide. Fragrant, bottlebrush flowers… Airy’ has large flowers, blue-green foliage, and vivid fall foliage color on a 6-foot tall and wide shrub. Its foliage comes in green in spring, turns a beautiful blue/gray in … ‘Blue Shadow’ – is a sport of ‘Mt. ‘Mt. Description: Produces white honey-scented flowers at branch tips on a nicely mounded habit of icy blue-green foliage in spring. Weeks of stunning fall colors of red, orange and yellow. Deciduous. So spring flowers, blue foliage and summer, and then a … ‘Jane Platt’ is a smaller fothergilla that grows to 3 feet tall and wide with not as strong a fall color … Blue Shadow is an excellent replacement for the anemic Fothergilla gardenia 'Blue Mist'. Airy’ (F. x intermedia, despite often being labeled as F. gardenii) of medium height with a more mounded shape and intense powder blue leaves (similar in … Whenever you connect with nature, connect with us! Noteworthy CharacteristicsEasy to grow. The flowers, which bloom in mid- or early spring, smell a bit like licorice. Blue Shadow Fothergilla features showy spikes of fragrant white flowers rising above the foliage in mid spring before the leaves. Blue Shadow is a little bigger, 4- to 6-feet tall and wide. Weeks of stunning fall colors of red, orange and yellow. It’s a vigorous but compact grower, with an … The flowers are white, short bottlebrush spikes that light up a sunny to partial sun woodland corner. weather issues, and your location. Produces white honey-scented flowers at branch tips on a nicely mounded habit of icy blue-green foliage in spring. The shrub originated from... Garden … Fothergilla is native to the Appalachians, is deer resistant and sports fragrant, honey scented, early spring flowers before the leaves come out. Terminal, bottlebrush-like spikes (to 2 long) of tiny, apetulous, honey-scented, white flowers bloom for several weeks in early spring (April to early May). appreciate your patience and understanding with your shipping process and timeline. Water deeply, regularly in first growing season to establish root system; once established, water regularly to maintain evenly moist soil. Flower … A blue-leaved form of F. ‘ Mount Airy,’ Blue Shadow exhibits the same robust growth but in a slightly smaller frame. In March and April, it is covered with honey-scented white bottlebrush flowers. Unfortunately, the following item(s) is no longer available. Airy' Fothergilla with stunning blue foliage that is striking in its difference from its green leaved relative. Best flowering and fall color occurs in full sun. Discover new plants and design ideas for your garden, 817 E. Monrovia Place Azusa, California 91702-1385. It is a branch sport of F. ‘Mount Airy’, and is very similar to ‘Mount Airy’ in most characteristics except for its leaves which emerge green in spring but quickly mature to an intense, striking powder blue. 'Blue Shadow' is an improved selection of 'Mt. Prefers slightly acidic soil pH with plenty of added organic matter. Zones 5-8 This variety of Fothergilla gardenii is a compact, neatly mounded selection that grows 4 feet tall and wide. Native ‘Blue Shadow’ fothergilla, Fothergilla x intermedia, has stunning ornamental attributes three seasons a year. Provides unique color to the landscape as a foundation plant, in mixed shrub borders, or in mass plantings. By clicking "LOGIN", you are logging into Fothergilla x intermedia 'Blue Shadow' Blue Shadow Fothergilla. Genus Fothergilla are rounded deciduous shrubs with broadly ovate leaves often colouring well in autumn, and small, catkin-like spikes of white flowers in spring Details 'Blue Shadow' is a compact, deciduous shrub with fragrant, creamy-white bottlebrush flowerheads in late spring. Fothergilla major 'Blue Shadow' Plant Patent #15,490, Dramatic Foliage Color, Easy Care, Extreme Cold Hardiness, Fall Color, Naturalizes Well, North American Native Selection, Tolerates Acidic Soil, Tolerates Wet Soils. Enter your email and we'll email you instructions on how to reset your password. It grows to 6 feet tall and 5 feet wide. Partially shaded environments will produce the best foliage color. Find a Garden Center. Showy, fragrant white bottlebrush-like flowers. Fothergilla major 'Blue Shadow' Plant Patent #15,490 Sku #3141 Produces white honey-scented flowers at branch tips on a nicely mounded habit of icy blue-green foliage in spring.
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