Since January, over 2 million people have learned the story of the crazy, nastyass honey badger. Since honey badgers are so awesome, lots of people want to be them.Because honey badger don’t care. Share ... here are some of the Australian rugby player's best quotes (and what we think he means). The Best Moments of The Honey Badger. In case you missed it, Honey Badger is a rugby union player with a larrikin sense of humour. It’s going to go off like a frog in a sock. PARTNERS. See more ideas about Honey badger, Best honey, Tshirt designs. Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins, a former Australian rugby player with fast feet and an even faster mouth, will be Australia's bachelor for 2018. The honey badger got up, shook himself, and just trotted off. The Honey Badger has had a few hilarious moments in the past, and this chat is right up there with the best.. Some of the Honey Badger’s most memorable quotes; On being picked in the Wallabies squad for the first time – “My old man woke me up in the morning. The Best World Cup Villains. He was going off like a bag of cats.” r/rugbyunion: Rugby Union news, analysis and opinions. sport; rugby; Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins does it again. HB:’Got a bit of test meat we call it back home, bit of meat pie.’ Meat is an abbreviation of meat pie, rhyming slang for a ‘try’ in rugby. IN A hilarious interview, one of the Honey Badger’s teammates has become the latest victim of the Sevens star’s quick-wit. Categories. Nov 22, 2018 - Explore Leanne Ross's board "Rugby funny", followed by 110 people on Pinterest. For speaking and MC enquiries contact Platinum on 1300 314 788. Before the New Zealand v England World Cup semi-final: "Remember that rugby is a team game; … Press J to jump to the feed. In a world where our kids talk about cookies, sidewalks, french fries and butts instead of more culturally appropriate Australian alternatives, it is refreshing to hear about rats up drainpipes, bloody good, just going bananas, etc. The Honey Badger is a viral video featuring nature documentary footage with voiceover narration provided by Randall, a self-proclaimed animal lover who has since launched a successful YouTube series of similar videos. This video is a collage of the funniest moments of Rugby winger Nick Cummins, if you enjoyed leave a like and comment your favourite saying or quote! See more ideas about Cummins, Nick, Rugby. The video pairs nature documentary footage from National Geographic with a humorous narration. The big fella walked around the corner and fell over. Nick Cummins (also known as The Honey Badger) is an Australian professional Rugby union footballer.He played for the Western Force in Super Rugby and for Coca-Cola Red Sparks in the Japanese Top League. The Honey Badger is perhaps using mad here in the sense of ‘angry’, or even ‘crazy-brave’. … Thus spake the Honey Badger: Nick Cummins’ top ten totally-awesome quotes For years, former Western Force winger Nick Cummins entertained Australian rugby fans with colorful postgame interviews, but it was only recently that his brilliant quotes were discovered by an American audience. In fact Nick tried to implement elements of the creatures own attributes into his rugby game. Show the world how much you love this sport or express your feelings using these slogans. #1 “You can go to the end of time, the last World Cup in the history of mankind, and the All … The honey badger is coming home! PASS. With the Rugby World Cup soon to kick off in Japan, we thought it was the perfect time to reflect on what some of the big names have had to say about the great game over the years. Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins (and his glorious mustache) is only days away from being the 2018 Bachelor. March 12, 2018. Force winger Nick Cummins gave another amusing interview after beating the Highlanders 31-29 in the fifth round of Super Rugby. ... Hard to pick the "best of " the quotes from the Honey Badger. Australias most ocka footy player, otherwise known as the Honey Badger, was back in action on the weekend. Nicknamed “The Honey Badger” after drawing inspiration from the fierce nature of this wild animal, it wasn’t just the name that was adopted. Wallabies star ‘Honey Badger’ sacrifices World Cup rugby dream to take care of his sick dad with move to cashed-up Japanese league By Leesa Smith 12:10 04 Jul 2014, updated 05:39 05 Jul 2014 The colourful quotes, the wild hair, the never-say-die attitude — the Honey Badger was a clear favourite among the Force and Wallabies faithful, so much so that he spawned a batch of Cummins clones. Packed with Nick's sensational sayings, ripper yarns and pure Aussie wisdom, TALES OF THE HONEY BADGER is a charmin Packed with Nick's sensational sayings, ripper yarns and pure Aussie wisdom, TALES OF THE HONEY BADGER is a charming collection of short stories celebrating the importance of family, mates, rugby and … See more ideas about rugby funny, rugby, rugby memes. Rugby Funny Sporting Quotes Here is my top 10 list of favorite funny sporting quotes from the sport of Rugby. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Cummins was quoted as saying: The honey badger came to fame in a video called “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger,” posted to YouTube by user czg123 in January 2011. 8 talking about this. Unlike the more formal, academic tone of nature documentary narrators like David … Are you looking for Rugby slogans, phrases & one-liners? PASS WITH MERIT You can also support your favorite team using these slogans. honey badger rugby joke, Belindaa Honey Badger Don't Give A Shit Fleece Winter Neck Warmer for Men Women Ski Neck Gaiter Cover … But the funniest moment came when a Japanese rugby magazine produced a picture spread that referred to Cummins as the "honey budger" instead of his actual Honey Badger nickname. Former Western Force winger Nick Cummins, with his cult following of woolly wig, head-bandaged fans, will be back for the club's Global Rapid Rugby showcase series opener against a … Nick's unbridled sense of fun, adventurous spirit and authentic larrikin persona has seen him become one of Australian sports biggest marketing assets. He's been featured on Urlesque and College Humor, and his whimsical narrator Randall was even recently asked to weigh in on the Oscars. Honey Badger: Snake Slayer Honey badgers have a bite that makes cold-blooded enemies’ blood run even colder. You can use these […] Rugby Quotes of the Week. Photos: Rugby's 'Honey Badger' He announced plans to earn an Olympic sevens berth at the end of last year, and will make his debut in the side in Hong Kong in April. Hide Caption The man behind Rugby League, sorry RUGBAH-League has even had his own T-shirt ... Peter V’Landys we’ve compiled this all-time greatest hits compliation of just some of the great man’s finest quotes. June 7, 2018. The Honey Badger is the perfect moniker for one of Australian Rugby’s most-loved characters, Nick Cummins. In this post, we are going to share with you 117+ Rugby slogans, chants & one-liners. Jul 10, 2013 - Best Honey Badger Don'T Care . No Booking Fee Here are a dozen of our favourite rugby quotes. In March 2011, Australian rugby player Nick Cummins told reporters he was inspired by a “wildlife documentary” to adopt the ferociousness of the “fearless” animal. The Honey Badger video gained a great deal of popularity in early 2011 for its sassy commentary and … Affectionately nick named the 'Honey Badger' amongst fans and media, Nick Cummins is one of Australians most beloved personalities. Some say honey badgers don’t care, but that reputation is hardly fair. He starts with speaking about getting a bit of meat, which if you don’t know by now is … In fact the winger has become famous for his funny quotes, and you can watch a … May 29, 2016 - Explore Chad Callahan's board "Nick Cummins", followed by 214 people on Pinterest. Yet until now, we've been ignorant of both honey badgers and Randall's animals in … For me, that was outstanding.” Because of quotes like the one above, Cummins has become a fan favourite across the globe. Super Rugby 2015: ‘Honey Badger’ Nick Cummins excites US sports media with vintage interview. His folksy phrases were going off like a bag of cats. HOLY tomorrow. I was on Animal Planet one night and this thing has come up. Nick Cummins: Translating the 'Honey Badger' Updated 1344 GMT (2144 HKT) April 11, 2016. Extra points for the use of both forms of the idiom. Nick Cummins - The Honey Badger Posted on February 8, 2018 in Hot Keynote Topics.
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