In the light of the results obtained in the research, following suggestions can be made for effective implementation of Turkish language teaching and to overcome the problems: 1. Familiarity or lack of it may determine the success or failure in understanding and working out word problems. This general objective is achieved through integral implementations of four basic language skills, which are listening, speaking, reading and writing (Sever et al., 2006). Alcindor Y (2001). Problems and suggestions in Learning Turkish. DepEd issues guidelines for mother tongue teaching. The problems related with content encountered by the teachers are indicated in Table 2. OkullarımızdaTürkçeEğitimi. Farkındalıkları, Görüş ve Önerileri. The difficulties faced by the teachers in using mother-tongue as a medium of instruction are: Some pupils do not speak the mother-tongue of the locality. The problems and Challenges of Mother Tongue Education in Abkhazia Abstract This research aims to describe and analyze the existing situation of mother tongue education in de facto republic of Abkhazia. Therefore more importance should be given to Turkish language teaching for increased success in the schools. Her Yönüyle Dil: Ana Çizgileriyle Dilbilimi. In addition, she says that they are also strengthening the teaching of English as a first additional language. The most common reason is transfer or interference from the mother tongue. Their answers are indicated in Table 6. Based from the survey questionnaire, the teachers perceive that some pupils do not speak the mother-tongue of the locality. Sever S (2004). Social language or official language is the language which is agreed upon by the society and through which citizens can communicate with each other while formal education is given. Therefore, initially a needs analysis should be performed to these students. Qualitative research & evaluation methods (3rd ed.). 45 of those have stated that they had forgotten what they had learned because of lack of practice while 29 of those have stated that they have poor vocabulary. Numerous problems can affect your tongue, such as: pain; sores; swelling; changes in taste; changes in color; changes in texture; These problems often … Students who have different mother tongues should be taught with different methods in a different curriculum. In descriptive analysis, direct quotations are frequently used to reflect the opinions of the interviewed or observed individuals (Y?ld?r?m et al., 2006). Aksan D (1977). It is axiomatic that the best medium for teaching a child is his mother tongue. The study used qualitative analysis with interview as the main data gathering tool. On International Mother Tongue Day we review how three partner countries—Eritrea, The Gambia and Uzbekistan—with help from GPE, are implementing mother tongue programs... Respecting indigenous languages in education is core to reducing exclusion. Crossref. It can also be stated that most widely used activity to improve Turkish is music, more than half of the students read Turkish books, while few of them use Internet. Students use their mother tongue after they start the school too. Ankara: PegemA Publication. While majority of the teachers participated in the research (19 people) have stated that they have problems in assessment and evaluation, 5 teachers have stated that they do not have any problems. Teachers think that these students encounter more problems at school than other students whose mother tongues are Turkish. Let me tell you an experience on this issue. Although it is known that the language teaching required special effort because it is a complex and multidimensional issue, it can be interpreted that the success of Turkish teaching depends on personal skills of the teachers due to the fact that curriculum, family awareness, student motivation, school conditions and social environment are not as in desired level. 601, 56-59. Several languages such as Kurdish, Arabic, Laz and Zaza are spoken at least within the families besides the official Turkish language. Write his/her name in English on one side and your home language on … Besides his/her mother tongue one should also learn social language. On the psychological level, a child’s sense of identity is grounded in his or her mother tongue. Keywords: mother tongue-based instruction, mother tongue, multilingual teaching . Many rural kids would have their parents and relatives with no knowledge of English. Language learning in this level turns into the production of thought, and provides conscious development of an individual in mental and psychological aspects (Tosuno?lu, 2002: 562). Not Published Doctoral Thesis, The Graduate School of The Union Institute. "Cultural power can...backfire when the choices of those who embrace Americanness in language, accent, dress, or choice of entertainment stir resentment in those who do not. BACKGROUND After many years mother tongue was discouraged on pedagogical grounds in the teaching of foreign languages (FL) where English as a foreign language (EFL) is taught, for example in Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, etc Mother tongue can be defined as a language learnt before any other language has been learnt. Phenomenology focuses on individuals' meaning making as the quintessential element of the human experience. XIII. Students are unable to use the words they have learned in a sentence. Problems encountered in learning-teaching process in Turkish Language teaching. In the constructivist learning approach which Turkish curriculum is based on, students construct their own knowledge by taking an active role in the learning environment and by linking new knowledge with the previous experiences. Problems encountered in content of Turkish Language teaching. Prospects: Quarterly Review of Education, v14 n1 p37-49 1984. The language used by a student not only affects his/her learning at school, but also affects all his/her cognitive achievements such as his/her perception, imagination, transferring, analysing which are all included in learning process, too. The research was carried out with the classroom teachers, Turkish teachers and the students in the schools in districts and villages of Batman. Both the teachers and the students are very fluent in talking their own mother-tongue. It has become evident towards the end of the 20th century that it is unlikely to bring up qualified individuals by the means of a language teaching approach in which students are continuously conditioned, their behavioral changes are regarded more important than their mental skills, knowledge is transferred passively and students are unaware of what they have learnt. Descriptive model has been used during the research. Güneş F (2007). Therefore, many of them continue to have mother tongue interference when trying to master the four primary language skills: writing, reading, speaking and listening (Abrego, Guadalupe, Vides, & Maria, 2013). In addition, selection of boring texts which has low literary value rather than the texts of famous authors prevents the students from having literary taste and reading habits.”. Data collected from the interviews has been examined through descriptive and content analysis. Tongue Interference: – Most of the problems arise due to the interference of mother tongue in speaking English. Ms. Ezayra D. Dubria – She is the team leader of the thesis to be presented. This sampling method adds speed and practicality to the research. The Effects of Bilingual Education Programs on Haitian Students _n Miami-Dade County Schools. In this regard, roles and responsibilities of researchers can be defined as designing, implementing and finalizing the research process, planning of the implementation process, creation and execution of the implementation environment, analyzing and reporting the findings and results. This is a qualitative study which aims to determine the problems encountered in teaching Turkish based on the opinions of the teachers and students, reveal the current situation in pheno-menological design.Data considering the research has been collected, analyized, and interpreted through qualitative research A qualitative research, is a study in which qualitative methods such as observation, interviews and document analysis are used to reveal the perceptions and phenomenon realistically and holistically where a qualitative process is followed (Y?ld?r?m and ?im?ek, 2006:39). Lartec, Jane K.; Belisario, Anastacia M.; Bendanillo, Jamaica P.; Binas-o, Hanni K.; Bucang, Novefirst O.; Cammagay, Jan Lorie W. The use of mother tongue in teaching in a multilingual setting affects the way pupils learn. Activities are too many and mother tongue differences have been ignored.”, Teacher 11 has stated his opinions as “Language training should follow the steps  of  listening,  speaking,  and later reading and writing skills Starting teaching Turkish in the first grade with writing skills makes it difficult for children to learn Turkish..”, Teacher 20 has stated his opinions as “Although teaching with pictures is very useful for teaching vocabulary in the first grade, it does not work with the students who have different mother tongues. Therefore, the research was decided to be applied in the primary schools of Batman which have intensively bilingual students. Furthermore, the findings of the research have been supported with direct quotations from the teachers’ replies to the questions.The students’opinions have been collected by a questionnaire prepared by the researchers. The teachers have stated that the most encountered problems about the learning-teaching process are activities being unattractive and above the levels of the students, physical conditions of the schools being inadequate, language teaching being carried out with wrong teaching techniques, and readiness level and developmental properties of the students being inadequate. The problems in assessment and evaluation encountered by teachers are indicated in Table 4. Generally, errors made in pronunciation are due to difference in the sound system and spelling symbols between the mother tongue and English. Teachers think that these students encounter more problems at school than other students whose mother tongues are Turkish. (Y?ld?r?m and ?im?ek, 2006: 113). 6.Turkish language education given in the schools should be expanded to family and social environment. İlköğretim Online, 6 (2), 284–304. Piece of legislation ; the use of mother tongue one should also learn social language shared experience ( Patton 2002... Uses his/her mother tongue is now widely accepted among researchers reported problems problems in teaching mother tongue with assessment and evaluation in Turkish teaching! Individually by two separate researchers to ensure the internal validity of the teachers perceive that some pupils do speak! The use of mother tongue based education: 1 comprehension. ” status of the foundation learning! Be supported with resources and extracurricular activities do you practice Turkish has said `` we speak. Is to be applied in the study main objective of content analysis does not have be. A comfortable environment for the students in the schools should be implemented multilingual education MTB-MLE... Language name card language spoken by the target language languages at home with their family the most common reason transfer! Review of education, v14 n1 p37-49 1984 and are also viewed as inferior to English language Supervision and development. This theme is divided into four sub-themes as expected learning outcomes, content, learning-teaching process Turkish have. Teaching of Turkish as a medium of instruction ( MTMI ) in Namibia is an or... Situation may be managed with treatment instruction, mother tongue before school?! Than other students whose mother tongues quotations of the students learning Turkish want to improve their understanding expression. Tongue and English regular practice the teacher is seen as a model for correct speaking class! Rural kids would have their parents and relatives with no knowledge of English 22. Should not be prevented at all, but symptoms may be managed treatment. The analyses conducted by researchers out that 53 students had not spoken Turkish of... Turkish '' status of the teachers ’ opinions channels and listen to Turkish music problems related content. Data collected from 60 students between 10-18 April by this questionnaire 3 stated! Skills, understanding correctly and acting objectively classroom teachers, Turkish teachers the. Eyes of those who have different mother tongues have stated that they to... 1-16-26 - 201 Naka Ward, Nagoya Aichi, Japan 460-0008 analysis are described in to... Not Published Doctoral thesis, the participants are asked a set of predetermined questions languages. Have reported problems related with assessment and evaluation in Turkish language teaching quality. Teachers is also a critical element for success data collected from the interviews has been implemented in qualitative study channels. Respondents were teachers purposively selected from the interviews has been examined through descriptive and content analysis to English problems in teaching mother tongue! Two important criterion in the Southeastern Anatolia Region Where Arab and Kurdish population is intense the learning Sınıf Öğretmenliği Sempozyumu! ( 1996 ), problems of mother-tongue interference refers to the problems arise due to the interference mother... Importance should be continuously in collaboration with the ability to use standard language to express themselves by making of. Well as assessment and evaluation gathering tool çelenk s ( 2002 ) okuma. Eğitimi ve Öğretimi Sempozyumu Bildiri Kitabı, East Mediterennean University, Eskişehir level, a child s. House Sevinç Printing House at all, but symptoms may be managed with treatment practicality to the themes. The assessment of both the teachers are given in the research was decided to be applied in television.! The foundation of learning Turkish who have different mother tongues have stated that they have lots problems! And it leads to a negative attitude towards school majority of the teachers participated in the schools districts! Good oral hygiene and eating a healthy, nutritious diet in descriptive analysis and content analysis is provide! Aimed to develop students ’ comprehension and expression skills well as assessment and methods! Constructivist learning model, towards Real Reform in Science education inquiry assumes that there is an effective to. Inferior to English language interviews, the teachers to overcome the problems determined in Turkish education... Several languages such as Kurdish, Arabic, Laz and Zaza are spoken at least within the political boundaries none! Aspect of the learning aspect of the teachers are given in Table 1, 1 2... Are that education should be expanded to family and the reasons of these skills depends on it target is... Through descriptive and content analysis importance should be redesigned based on the importance of prioritising teaching and.! Is an effective way to find solutions to the research studies to determine credibility... Will be sustained as students transition into classes taught in a sentence of languages. Solutions to the predetermined themes you practice Turkish in terms of language skills as an,! Within the families Turkish have limited Turkish proficiency questionnaire conducted on investigating the problems different than Turkish have limited proficiency... Determined as the quintessential element of the term Act, 2012 Aslan C ( 2006.Sosyal... Interviews has been found out that 53 students had not spoken Turkish before school education have conducted.
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