Since it is a bit much to take in during one visit, we encourage return through different themed tours and special events. On the first floor, below the veranda, is the glassed-in “palm room,” containing a winter garden. The house interior is currently restored to its appearance in the 1920s and 1930s with artifacts origanal to the home and wallpapers and textiles accurately copied from surviving fragments. Grand staircase in the entrance hall that gives access to the second floor. The camera is pointed to the northeast. Please choose a different date. Austin spent four and a half years with Mackenzie before establishing his own printing business. 285 Spadina Rd, Toronto, Ontario M5R 2V5, Canada. The drawing first appeared in the Evening Telegram series, “Landmarks of Toronto” in December 1888. When James was sixteen, he was apprenticed to William Lyon Mackenzie in his printing shop. The dining room was also on the first floor, the room’s windows facing east to catch the morning light. Greenhouse with its Gothic-style entranceway, built in 1913. To improve the view from his residence,” Baldwin cleared 300 feet of wild growth to the south of it, between the house and the edge of the escarpment. Elizabeth suffered from mental illness during her later years, but did not pass away until 1822. All content and photographs copyright Doug Taylor, 2014. In 1866, in an auction, with a successful bid of £3,550, he purchased Spadina House, built by William Warren Baldwin. Beds 4. Thus, William and Phoebe Baldwin must have gained control of the property prior to her death. Gabriel F wrote a review Oct. 2020. James Austin passed away in 1897. View looking west from under the wrought iron and glass “porte-cochère” (canopy) designed by Carrere and Hastings. This added to the sense of awe that Austin was desirous of creating. ( Log Out /  The bedroom of Mrs. Austin on the second floor level. The land was purchased by James Austin in 1866, who demolished the house that was there, in order to build one that was more to his liking. Today, it mainly features the life of the Austins during the 1920s. Property Search. Austin had earned sufficient funds while in the United States to open in Toronto a wholesale and retail grocery business in partnership with another Irishman, Patrick Foy. Referred to as a “porte-cochère,” it was designed by Carrere and Hastings. I wasn't here. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The room also possessed colourful murals by interior decorator Gustav Hahn, who pioneered Art Nouveau in Canada. The watercolour is in the collection of the Toronto Public Library. It's a real time -machine in Victorian Age of middle class in Toronto. When the family was alone, in the evenings, the smaller parlour (sitting room) on the second floor was likely employed for intimate family moments. The story of the property where Spadina House is situated begins in the final years of the 18th century, when Toronto was the small colonial town of York. It protected guests and family members that arrived by vehicles from the weather. Behind it is where the south-facing doorway was located in 1866, prior to the porch being built. Stuffed animals of various species were very popular among the wealthy at this time. Aug 17, 2016 - Explore City of Toronto Historic Sites's board "Spadina Museum: Historic House & Gardens", followed by 198 people on Pinterest. The home greatly impressed the citizens of Toronto. Phoebe inherited the Baldwin property from her father’s first cousin, Elizabeth Russell, the sister of Peter Russell. There was an intimate sitting room at the top of the stairs (the Blue Room). The drawing first appeared in the Evening Telegram series, “Landmarks of Toronto” in December 1888. Think about your modern day living space. The converted private home, with its pointy, lopsided roof, tiny windows and stucco with a distressed paint job were then surrounded by an intentionally overgrown English-style garden and a moat-like pond. The Austins and their children used their 80 acres for farming until James, and later his son Albert, subdivided and sold most of the land. The Austins moved into the home in 1866 and a member of the family remained in residence until 1982. We chose our ceremony venue, Spadina House, because I was in love with the idea of an outdoor, garden wedding and it fit the bill perfectly. The drawing room was where they discussed the news of the day, gossiped, or were entertained. Located in the trendy Queen West area of Downtown Toronto, Workhaus Spadina offers members a trip down memory lane through the building’s original brick and beam interior, built by the James Robertson Company in 1911. Spadina House - Spadina Museum. Learn more. Best Furniture Stores in Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON - Condo Size, Blvd Interiors, Urban Barn, Inabstracto, GUFF, Urban Mode, Gautier, Parliament Furniture, Morba, CB2 2,220. Schedule a … (Left photo) Ornate crown moulding above the green wallpaper in the drawing room, and in the right-hand photo, one of the gasoliers (chandeliers) with a fancy plaster medallion above it. Spadina Road. Sketch of Baldwin’s Spadina House, built in 1818. Outstanding Manhattan Style Brownstone, Brand New Interiors, Custom Designed And Rebuilt With The Finest Materials While Maintaining The Original Charm And Elegance Of A Traditional Building. Small gas burner in the bathroom to warm men’s shaving cream. The dining room in Spadina House, in an addition built by Albert and Mary. The interior of the house showcases the Victorian and Edwardian components through its floating staircase in the central hall, high baseboards, ceiling medallions, plaster crown mouldings and hardwood floors. Second-storey sitting room (blue room) at the top of the grand staircase. During this period, Albert and Mary added two more bedrooms, improved servants’ quarters, and constructed a circular driveway and new kitchen. Book also available in most book stores such as Chapter/Indigo, the Bell Lightbox and AGO Book Shop. He demolished the house and erected a grand residence on the site, which he named Spadina. In 1803, Willcock’s daughter, Phoebe, married William W. Baldwin, an Irish immigrant. Today, Spadina Museum interprets the interwar period through a rich slate of guided tours, school … Spadina House (and museum), on the brow of the hill that overlooks Davenport Road, is one of the most historic properties in Toronto. The watercolour on the left depicts the second Spadina House, painted by F. W. Poole in 1912, from a sketch drawn in 1888. Many rooms, with their intact collections of original family furniture and art objects, form the core of the house museum; other rooms serve various museological functions including offices, a library, and storage rooms. Save. All reviews spadina house guided tour casa loma anne of green gables nineteenth century dupont station ask questions small group canadian history great place to visit mansion era tustin anecdotes basement conservatory admission. Visitors will discover a range of architectural styles, from Steps To Subway, Bloor St Or U Of T. Fabulous Grand Sized Living And Dining Rooms. For further information on ordering this book, follow the link to  here  or contact the publisher directly by the link below:–then-and-now—products-9781910904077.php?page_id=21, Posted by Doug Taylor on March 12, 2018 in Austin House Toronto, historic Toronto, historic toronto buildings, local history Toronto, Spadina House and Museum,, toronto architecture, Toronto history, toronto's heritage buildings, tourism Toronto, Tags: Albert Austin, Austin House Toronto, James Austin, Spadina House and Museum, Spadina Road Toronto. The palm room on the south side of the house. The view gazes northeast toward the west (left-hand) and the south facades. In this year, the house, most of its contents, and the remaining land were acquired through donation and purchase by the Ontario Heritage Foundation and the City of Toronto. more. Upon entering the entrance hall, guests had an unobstructed view of the magnificent grand staircase. They hang from the 14-foot ceiling. The roadway led from the bottom of the hill (Davenport Road), south to Queen Street. In 1818, Baldwin finally constructed his dream home. Spadina House at 285 Spadina Road in August 2014. On the south side of the drawing room was the palm room, a sunny greenhouse-like area containing many potted flowering plants, as well as palms. An extension was added on the north side that contained a new dining room, its windows facing west. To supplement the kitchen there was a pantry, scullery, storage space, and a large built-in icebox. A description of the house is contained in a letter written by William Baldwin in 1819. Exploring the house on a guided tour provides an intimate look into the life of the Austin family. The drawing room (living room or parlour) of Spadina House in 1988, one of the white marble fireplaces visible at the far end of the room. Spadina House (and museum), on the brow of the hill that overlooks Davenport Road, is one of the most historic properties in Toronto. A large gas fireplace is at the far (north) end of the room. By this year, the third storey of the house has been added. Albert constructed a two-storey stucco garage in 1909, which contained a chauffeur’s residence on the second floor. Spadina Museum. Photo from the Spadina Collection. The grand curved staircase in the entrance hall led to the second floor. The first residents of the 3,500 square feet (330 m 2) home, the Spadena family, lent the house their name.
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