14 models Tenaya Oasi LV Climbing Shoes As Low As (Save Up to 16%) $154.95 On Sale. Helpful Positive Review. They're actually very similar in comfort compared to the TC Pro's even though they're more "aggressive." Most of the shoes we tested are geared towards a wider foot. Buy the Tenaya Tarifa Climbing Shoe online or shop all from Steepandcheap.com. Utilizing the RB RangeX system, a technology developed by Tenaya to make climbing feel both easier and more intuitive, the Tarifa offers superlative responsiveness in all kinds of demanding situations. I do not see the need to down size more than one full size unless you are climbing 5.14d get a comfy snug fit and if you need to red point, flash or onsite wear a pair of socks. :/ I can tell if you nail the sizing these are awesome though. Overall, if you are like me and can’t really afford more than one pair of shoes at a time and expect them to last longer than 3 months do not get these shoes. Essentially, when it comes to rock shoes, I always have issues finding shoes that are wide enough, particularly around my insanely over-calcified scaphoid. We’ve already run the Oasi and Tarifa … Tenaya is somehow the only brand out there that is able to make downturned shoes that perform well, and are still comfortable. I don't feel crushed in them and I for sure believe they will break in a bit more. Size: However, my impressions are extremely positive. Following Tenaya’s motto that high performance doesn’t have to mean low comfort, the Tarifa is a medium-stiff shoe that has top-notch performance on every angle and type of terrain. Thanks! Sort by Filters. The Iati is the latest high-performance shoe from the Spanish brand Tenaya. The major difference is that the TARIFA is slightly stiffer in the forefoot and heel, allowing … More aggressive shoes have a more turndowned toe to aid in toeing holds. I'm kind of a gear junkie and often bring multiple pairs of shoes to the crag...but lately I've only been packing the Tarifa, b/c they are so good at everything! Available at REI, 100% … The new version of the Anasazi that's more comfortable and better for technical climbing. After a gym session in the Tarifa's I'm glad I chose these Tenaya's. This boot took my mt climbing from rehearsals to sending things at a much quicker pace. Context: I'm an intermediate / pushing advanced climber, and I got the Tarifas as my first pair of more aggressive shoes. It’s so precise, so quick and easy to use and provides independent tension control over different parts of the shoe. Never before has a rock shoe offered such versatile performance in extreme situations. The narrow sole in the toe box places the edge directly under the power point of the big toe instead of on the side where it’s prone to rolling off of edges. 1 … When you click a link below and then checkout online, no matter what you buy (climbing gear or not), we get a small commission that helps us keep this site up-to-date. Testarossa: 38.5. Please try again. Sort by Filters. So when I ordered the Tarifa, I knew full-well that I wanted this to be an aggressive fit; real tight. After taking these a few times to the gym i have to say they are a great beginner shoe. Overall, similar performance to an Anasazi VCS but better built, better edging and the speed lacing system is the best of all worlds. Give us a moment to collect those options for you. All Hello, Sign in. ? These shoes performed fantastic every single time. Tenaya recommends sizing down 1 full size from street, and I think that's the correct recommendation. The Speed Lace system makes taking these on and off easy. If your pair is already snug, I would recommend getting the 8.5 in the Tarifa. Tenaya Iati. With their lace up system its a few good pulls on each crossover, tie them up and youre good to go! One of the things I like best about the Tenayas is how the narrow foot bed translates to performance on the rock. That said, after only a month or so of regular wear, these things STINK. The Tenaya Mundaka draws heavily from the Oasi - the shoe worn by Alex Megos on the world's first 9a onsight - taking away none of its style and performance but making some changes. Coming from TC Pro's, I was hesitant on "leaving" La Sportiva. Following Tenaya’s motto that high performance doesn’t have to mean low comfort, the Tarifa is a medium-stiff shoe that has top-notch performance on every angle and type of terrain. When you need that extra something to tackle your latest steep project, lace up the Tarifa Climbing Shoes from Tenaya and get ready to crush some rock. Downsize the Oasi and Tarifa 0.5 size smaller than this. Highly recommend this, and would recommend it over the TC Pro or the Solution if you had to select just one pair of shoes. World's leading marketplace. Same as the Oasi? Had a short break in period that caused some pain but then they stretched out to fit my foot great. Underdog shoes by Alex, from PA, United States Updated on … The shoe is just a bit too soft to put a lot of weight on micro edges. I was looking for a "Katama" basically a lace version of the Skwama with stickier rubber (Vibram Grip rather than Edge) for granite face climbing. These shoes are fantastic - I've used them bouldering in the gym and outdoors on sport routes for about a month now and couldn't be happier about their overall performance. I liked my tenaya's a lot. This means you have more control, more balance, and more power, on every foothold. I recently got back into climbing at the gym, I will be buying my first pair of shoes. Built to perform, but comfortable enough to cruise all day. For our testers with slender feet, the Tarifa quickly became their weapon of choice. The rubber sticks to the wall like glue right out of the box. I wear 11.5 - 12 running shoe when I reorder another pair I will go with a 11.5 in the tarifa. Lifespan: these are not the most durable shoes. Product Highlights. Tenaya Iati. Tenaya Mastia. Normally, I will go down multiple sizes from my normal shoe size of a 10.5 to about an 8.5-9 for bouldering shoes. For the past year, my go-to shoe has been La Sportiva's TC Pro. Consider wearing socks. Tenaya Tarifa Rock Climbing Shoe, 14 Men's / 15 Women's: Amazon.sg: Fashion. There is no one, ultimate, sacrosanct climbing shoe that will fit and suit every climber. Black Teams: 8.5. Tarifa: 6. All-Around Adepts. Stories from real people who are blending the outdoors with the everyday, the latest information about gear we love, advice to get you into a new activity or take your passion to the next level, and trip reports to help you plan your next adventure. Tenaya consistently produce shoes that look fantastic and feel even better whilst exhibiting robust climbing power across every discipline. I bought a size ten although i wear a size nine street shoe. 11 models Tenaya Tarifa Climbing Shoe As Low As (Save Up to 20%) $147.96 On Sale. I'm talkin toes fully curled, barely able to edge fold over. The smell got a little gnarly, but otherwise I was pretty happy. Feel free to call us or drop us an email if you need assistance in terms of sizing, or drop us a note on the Contact Us form to book a fitting session! When switching from synthetic to leather you may want to select a smaller size. I may not be the best with footwork, but pretty much a month into owning these shoes, they started to deteriorate. Shaun Matusewicz is a Senior Contributor to The Climbing Zine. Cruzer: 7.5. I wear a 10 in these. I decided to move on to a different shoe, but it was only because of the fit. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Our New Kits for Ski, Snowboard, Winter Hiking, Indoor Training & More. If vertical edging is what you’re after, other shoes like the Tenaya Tarifa … Skip to content. Some climbers use more strength than footwork, but not Megos — he uses both, so it would only make sense that the shoe he wears into his toughest battles is well-proven in the field. Downsize the Oasi and Tarifa 0.5 size smaller than this. Your Tenaya size should be approximately 0.0 to 0.5 sizes larger than your average size in European brand shoes, or 0.5 to 1 size smaller than your average size in U.S. brand shoes. Pretty mindblowing. an 8.5 might be good for you. But about a month and a half into … I've gone through a number of different climbing shoes and have always struggled with finding a shoe that fit my narrow heel, the Tarifa is seriously my dream shoe. The Vibram XS grip is a super soft super grippy rubber, but an absolute ego killer for my terrible footwork. Does anyone have a recommendation for what size would suit me in the Tarifas? Newer climbers (like me!) The life of the rubber is based on the type of the rubber they were soled with. The Iati has a more traditional one part sole with about twice as much sole rubber beneath the arch of the foot. The Iati is the performance all-rounder of Tenaya… They are great shoes but I've never experienced this level of foot stank in all my years of climbing. I'm going to take a look at General Appearance and Material (Sole, Rubber, Heel, Instep, Upper Surface, Closure System etc.) These shoes are amazing!!!! Your Tenaya size should be approximately 0.0 to 0.5 sizes larger than your average size in European brand shoes, or 0.5 to 1 size smaller than your average size in U.S. brand shoes. Not a boot you'll wear all day, but it makes up for it with supreme stickiness on walls, fine alility and good ability to hook. Tenaya Mastia. I rock a 42.5 RA, which is leather, and was borderline excruciating to break in. Climbing shoe technology has come a long way from that found in the first converse-style high-top rendition. I normally wear 42 in La Sportiva and went to 41's with the Tenaya. “It’s … I'm confused, I need a UK size 4 for woman. Coming in at the middle of Tenaya range, the Tarifa … Climbing shoes are notoriously hard to size online, but if you are a 10 in the 5.10 VCS I think getting a 10 in the Tarifais would be a good call.
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